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Pool Distribution

Pool Distribution

Lower shipping cost, with less handling and faster service. Our Pool Distribution services are the ideal option for companies who ship frequent LTL volume into our Chicago and Midwest service areas, from a single shipping point.

By combining your LTL shipments into a truckload line-haul to our Addison, IL terminal, where we will off-load, sort and segregate if necessary, and reload onto our local delivery trucks direct to your customer, you will reduce your freight costs considerably compared to the high cost of shipping individual LTL shipments direct.

Pool Distribution improves transit times, maintains shipment integrity, reduces claim potential due to less handling, and reduces freight costs. Factors contributing to the cost-effectiveness of Pool Distribution over LTL direct include: the number of shipments per pool, weight per shipment, frequency of deliveries, line-haul distance, and the distance from pool point (our terminal) to your customers.

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